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  • Michael Russel

Welcome to Russel Mountain Gallery!

Welcome to Russel Mountain Gallery! My goal is to give you an individual artistic experience tailored to your interests and tastes!

I am a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. As a pilot in the Air Force for twenty years, I experienced five different continents with all their culture, food, people, and amazing scenery. I did my art where I could -- drawing sketches of my crew members and painting when I got home. Now that my wife and I are living back in Colorado Springs, I find myself pulled back into the magnificent scenery of my hometown, the colors, the grandeur! And I now have that opportunity to paint those colors and express my passion.

As an artist, I've always been a huge fan of impressionism. Claude Monet is my favorite artist and impressionist by far. I love how he handles light, shadows, and atmosphere. I consider those three elements as my major goals, with the most important being passion. I want people to feel the presence and power of the scene.

I'd be proud to create something you’d be proud to have in your home!

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