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Welcome to
Russel Fine Art!

Let me design a personalized and beautiful piece of artwork for your home that your family will love!  

"Morning Glow" selected for the Gratitude Show at the new Auric Gallery! 

Morning Glow, which depicts the sun's first rays falling upon Pike's Peak, will be on display at the new Auric Gallery, starting  February 2nd, for their annual Gratitude Show.   

I will be very excited to see the new revamped Auric Gallery, which combines Kreuser and G44 galleries into one exciting space!  Thanks to Abby and Gundi for selecting my painting as one of over 150 pieces of artwork for this show!  

$720.  You can purchase this work directly from the Auric Gallery website:

New Portrait - my art mentor and friend, Chris Alvarez! (Look in the Gallery)  
I just completed an impressionistic portray of my mentor, Chris Alvarez (  The portrait displays the dramatic purple and orange lamps that light up his studio.  

Would you like the perfect birthday gift for your special someone?   A portrait would be a conversation piece to anyone's collection, and would be kept in the family for generations!  Order yours today!

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Click "Contact Me" in the Menu Item and fill our your info to get 10% off your next commission. 
I'll also sign you up for my newsletter, where you'll get the latest information on my new works and upcoming events! 

Commission Window Now Open!

Russel Fine Art is open for commissions!  Order your own distinctive painting for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other special occasions! A beautiful painting is a perfect gift to brighten up your home!   ​



Hear from My Wonderful Customers!


"I am so impressed by the work Mike Russel painted for me!  I've been seeing Mike post his artwork on Facebook for many months now, and I knew I wanted to have one for myself!  I asked Mike for a classic Texas landscape with flowers, oak trees, hillsides, streams, and maybe even a barn.  I sent him several photos of similar paintings, and he sent several in return, as we traded ideas.  In the end, Mike did a brilliant composition that captured everything I wanted.   Love this painting!  Thanks so much, Mike!"

John N, 
Austin, Texas

Linda M.JPG

"Michael painted a gorgeous 30x40 rendition of the Garden of the Gods for us.  He gave us several smaller renditions to look at where we asked him to adjust for certain colors.  He did a wonderful job and his painting sits with a place of honor on our living room wall.  We love our painting!"

A.J. & Linda M,
O'Fallon, Illinois

Carolyn B.jpg

"I love my Manitou Springs commission from Mike Russel (Russel Fine Art)!  First, I asked Mike to paint something similar to another painting of his, and we worked closely together to make it perfect for my home and my tastes.  I really enjoyed how he did those fast-moving videos, so I could see my painting being created in real time!  His painting turned out wonderfully!  Couldn't be happier with the experience!"

Carolyn B,
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Information - Prices and Sizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Painting Commission - Prices & Process

  •  8x10-inch: $150

  • 11x14-inch: $250

  • 18x24-inch: $650

  • 24x30-inch: $1,200

  • 24x36-inch: $1,450

  • 30x30-inch: $1,650

  • 30x40-inch: $1,950

  • 36x48-inch: $2,750

  • All prices include shipping in the continental United States

  • Prices do not include sales tax

  • For portraits, add $50 for each additional person in the painting.

    Fifty percent of the total cost will be due at signing, after which I will draw up to three sketches of your intended painting.  
sketches will incur additional $50 per sketch. After we agree on the sketch, I will begin your painting.

     The balance of the payment will be due prior to shipment.  


Here are several questions to think about:

  • Where in the house would you like to display your original oil painting or pencil portrait?  

  • Based on the location, what size would you like?  Note: Add about 2.5-3 inches per side, if you intend to have it framed.

  • Do you want to match any colors in that room?  Walls, furniture? 


The sketching and painting process will take about four weeks.  Since I paint with oils, the painting will take 3-6 months to sufficiently dry.  I will then varnish the painting to a nice sheen, protecting the painting and bringing out the brilliant colors.  Then the painting will be ready to ship!

Mike is now selling Prints & T-Shirts on Etsy!

Mike now has his Etsy shop, so you can purchase your own print of many of Mike's original work!  Mike is even selling t-shirts - so many sizes and colors with separate mens and women's cuts.  Prints and t-shirts are an affordable way of owning your own piece of Russel artwork!


About the Artist:
Michael J. Russel

My name is Mike Russel, and I am an impressionist artist.  In the last couple years, since I moved back to my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, I have unleashed my dormant passion for art.  It’s been a long time coming…

      I grew up as the youngest of seven kids wanting nothing more than to be an artist.  As a kid, I drew comic book superheroes, and captured scenes from the Lord of the Rings, my favorite books.  Although I would have loved to have gone to art school, I instead chose to follow my oldest brother’s path, attending the United State Air Force Academy and going into the Air Force.  My goal was to be a pilot and fly around the world experiencing all its fantastic scenes, so that I could draw and paint them later.  That’s what I did, traveling to five of seven continents.  I’ve flown into combat, been to the poorest places in Africa, and met the most interesting and amazing people.  

     Through it all, I grabbed onto opportunities to do my art.  A couple of art classes in college, and one during twenty-year my Air Force career.  But years went by without another chance.  Then my wife and I had the opportunity to move back to Colorado Springs, to where the mountains glow pink and purple in the morning sunrise.  Seeing the light against those mountains, my passion came roaring back!

     I am an impressionistic artist whose idols are Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Degas.  My paintings involve sweeping brush strokes that portray movement and light.  I am fascinated by forms and values, and how they bring shapes to life.  

     I am happily married to my best friend of 30+ years and we have two fantastic daughters.  Together we are avid skiers, hikers, and sports nuts, especially for the Denver Broncos, St. Louis Cardinals, Air Force Falcons, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish!  

     I pour my passion into everything I do.  Come let me create something truly special for your family!

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